75 & 30Kw test benches, capable testingmobile workshops

  • Open and closed loop pumps and motors
  • Complex valve arrangements
  • Stripping and repairs of most of the above mentioned pumps
  • We do work on hydraulic rotary joints

Cylinder Bay:

  • Cycle and function testing after assembly
  • Pressure and hold testing
  • Stripping cylinder up to 300 bore at a length of 6 meters
  • In depth cylinder assessment
  • Accumulator stripping, assessment and repair

Accumulator Charging Room:worshop area with gantry cranes

  • Accumulator intensifier capable of 300 bar
  • In house and on-site charging

Pressure testing, recording and certification:

  • Pressure vessels
    • Air receivers
    • Accumulators
  • Hoses, pipes and fittings
    • Up to 200 MPa (component dependent)


  • Up to 10m length

Oil Conditioning:CNC machining Centre

  • Flushing to required cleanliness
  • On site oil analysis

Pipe Bending:

  • From 3/16 up to 70mm Id hydraulic line
  • Hydraulic pipe installations

Machine Shop:

  • CNC lathe (mazak quick turn 100) and (Haas VF2 Milling Machine milling) used for cylinder manufacturing and general engineering
  • Can also be used for mass production
  • Manufacturing of Parker cylinders

PN Workshop:stock storag area

  • Testing of PN cylinders
  • Valves

Voss Machine:     

  • Forming of pipe ferrules

Site fault finding and Repairs:

  • Site flow and pressure testing
  • Circuit reading and fault assessment