3D CAD Design

HYFLO has invested in two seats of Hydroman, the leading 3D manifold design software package from Europe. Our experienced manifold design engineers make use of Hydroman to generate three dimensional computer models of the finished manifold blocks. These 3D models are then used to automatically generate the drill sheet and two dimensional CAD drawings, for issue to the workshop. This level of automation eliminates mistakes and dramatically speeds up the design process. As an added benefit we can supply our customers with models of our manifolds in all the leading 3D CAD formats.


Machine Shop

HYFLO has a dedicated manifold manufacturing facility at its Sandton branch. Over the years we have distinguished ourselves as leaders, in the design and manufacture of hydraulic manifold blocks. To meet the demands of industry, HYFLO has invested extensively in equipment, material and skills development. Whether you require thousands of small manifolds or one large manifold weighing up to 3 tonnes, we have the equipment and expertise to fulfil your order.

Our Manifold Manufacturing Centre in Sandton is equipped with the following:

  • Haas CNC – Our Haas CNC machining centre has a 40 tool changer and a spindle nose to table clearance of 700mm. This makes it ideal for one off orders and small batches.
  • Mazak CNC – Our Mazak CNC horizontal machining centre is used for repetitive work. The Mazak has a total of 160 tools in the tool carousel. The twin pallet system enables us to load blocks onto one pallet while the other pallet is in operation. This facilitates uninterrupted high speed production.
  • Toss CNC horizontal boring mill – In 2010 we installed a Heidenhain CNC control for our Toss horizontal boring mill. This machine is used to accurately machine sizable blocks – up to 3 tonnes. We have the capability to produce large bores to maximum depth of 1.5 meters. The maximum bore diameter is 125mm.
  • Zoller – HYFLO is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company. To ensure consistent accuracy, we have acquired a Zoller tool profile measuring & inspection machine. The on-board computer checks whether our tools are worn or chipped. The Zoller is also used to inspect all new tools, to ensure that they conform to specifications.
  • Specialised tooling – HYFLO has invested extensively in specialised cavity profile tools, imported from Europe. There are hundreds of cartridge valve cavities commonly used in the hydraulic industry today. Our manifold engineers can design custom tooling to produce any cavity.

Zoller MAZAK