Hydraulic Hose Registers:

HYFLO ‘Easy-Track’ hose register is a hose tracking system which tracks the location and type of each hydraulic hose assembly and records the installation date of each hose as well as any preventative maintenance planning.

Almost 50% of downtime on hydraulic systems can be attributed to hose failure.

Our hydraulic hose tracking system records critical information such as date of manufacture, installation date, serial number, test certificate, re-certification date, hose application.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Replacement Program:

HYFLO ‘s proactive hose assembly replacement program allows your maintenance personnel to stage materials, plan a maintenance schedule, arrange for convenient downtime to replace hose assemblies, thereby reducing the risk of downtime and injury related to hose failure.

With our extensive stockholding of over 1 000 000 metres of hydraulic hoses and more than 1 000 fittings together with our large diameter hose crimpers, we have the capability to manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies from 1/8” to 3″ according to various classification society rules to meet your requirements.