Hyflo’s Mechatronics department offers unmatched design and turnkey solutions for any project, from the design through to commissioning. The Mechatronics department gives Hyflo the ability to manage all aspects of the project including the hydraulic, pneumatic, automation and electrical design. This reduces the cost and need for multiple contractors on projects. Hyflo’s technical expertise and many years of experience ensure that designs and projects are achieved on schedule and within budget. Hyflo also compiles with the IEC standard for all projects.

Hyflo’s Mechatronic department handles simple projects like electrical starter panels to bigger projects like wine farm and process automation. Projects of all industries are undertaken including agriculture, marine, oil and gas, defence, wine farm and process plant automation.

Projects undertaken by Hyflo include:

  • Low Voltage Electrical Motor Starter Panels
  • High Speed Hydraulic Control of a 40 Ton Active Heave Winch
  • Mobile Electro-Hydraulic Automation of a 24-Row Seed Planter
  • Mobile PLC and HMI Control Systems
  • Mobile Electrical Harness Design and Manufacturing
  • Customised PLC Control Panels
  • Wine Farm Automation – Temperature Control and Tank Transfer Systems
  • Process Automation and Network Setup
  • Oil and Diesel Supply System for a 3300 kW Diesel Engine Test Bench
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Monitoring and Data Logging
  • Electro-Pneumatic Control Panels
  • VSD Pumps and Electrical Winches